5 Ways to Use Your Old Phone and precious to be parted away 2023

5 Ways to Use Your Old Phone

Are you a hoarder like us? Just can’t 5 Ways to Use Your Old Phone stuff that has sentiments attached to it. No matter how much space is being occupied. It always seems like our old to the oldest gadget is too precious to be parted away.


5 Ways to Use Your Old Phone
5 Ways to Use Your Old Phone


We have dedicated drawers and storage boxes that are full of memory cards, cameras, our favorite album disks, and oh-our-beloved- mobile phones. If you’re an ’80-’90s kid, looking at our gen-X mobile phone models reminiscing all the memories attached to it brings a sense of joy. But sure makes us feel as old as Methuselah.


Fortunately, in today’s times, there are productive methods to declutter all the tech-related stuff we’ve been clinging to. Ever heard of eco ATM? The fastest, convenient, and eco-friendly method to recycle cell phones and other devices. Which include, DVD Players, MP3s, chargers, etc…


Eco ATM purchases your gadget and pays you the worth in cash. The recycling process is hundred percent legal and is environmental -friendly. You can use the eco atm promo code to get a higher value on your gadget. And believe us, with over 900 kiosks eco ATM pays you right on spot.


Here are some other ways you can declutter or use your old phones.


A New Toy for Your Infant 5 Ways to Use Your Old Phone

Isn’t it irksome how these Gen Alpha kids are obsessed with phones? We discourage giving them cell phones as the rays are harmful to them. With that being said, putting on a baby shark on our phone has saved us tremendous times.


To calm these kids and keep them entertained while keeping our extravagant smartphones safe and protected from their rambunctious tantrums. You can use your old phone! Trust us, peace is worth zillion bucks. And it is harmless to give your kid a Nokia phone with damaged panels and no screen. It won’t break easily and will keep them busy making pretentious phone calls.


Monitor Your Baby 5 Ways to Use Your Old Phone

Speaking of kids, if you have a more stable old phone tablet then it can be used as a baby monitoring device. Especially, old tablets with no more updates make great monitors.


All you have to do is, install a child monitoring app on your smartphone and keep it connected to Wi-Fi. No need to separately invest in an infant monitor. You can easily keep a check on your child’s movement with an old device. As long as it has a working camera.


You can also use the old tablet for a home-security camera. The giant screens make your living area seem like a control room. Avoid taking u unnecessary space when you can easily connect your old device with the security system. It is portable and an uncomplicated method.


Transform into E-Reader 5 Ways to Use Your Old Phone

Remember how granny likes to listen to meditating music? Or how your youngest child likes listening to bedtime stories? You can use your old gadget as an e-reader. Could there be a more useful way to use an obsolete gadget?


Place it on the side table, and download all their favorite audios. So they no longer have to ask you for your phone and can access it themselves. You can also use old phones as alarm clocks.


Donate to Social Services

If something is not serving any purpose for you. It is best to donate it to those in need. God hasn’t blessed everyone with the privilege to buy the latest phones. There are people around us, who save up for the simplest old phone just to make calls. For instance, the delivery boy, the mailman, the cleaning guy. You can always donate your phone to social services, which will further distribute it to the most deserving person.


There are also cases of domestic abuse, people facing violence, and being held captive with no social contact. If you know someone, donate them directly. Or you can ask the NGOs working for human rights to do it for you. All they need is to be able to dial 911 in case of emergency. No sim card, no cool app required. Also Read:- when i met you in the summer meme


Join the helping hand, and help society in whatever way you can.


Recycle it with eco ATM

Want to earn some extra cash on all those old phones lying around? Use ecoATM to learn what your device is worth. Go to your nearest ecoATM kiosk with your identity card and get some cash right on spot. The process takes no more than 5 minutes.


You can also inquire about your stolen device if sold at eco ATM by calling their helpline number. By using the eco ATM promo code you can get extra cash on your outmoded device. They take all kinds of disused devices. Including chargers and cables.

However, you need to be 18+ as it is a part of their transaction policy. Eco ATM is our highly recommended and trusted method to declutter our gadget box.


There is no disadvantage to this eco-friendly method and an added perk is, if you can’t go to a nearby kiosk, you can simply ask them to pick up your device.


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