have healthy teeth and gum best for every people 2023

have healthy teeth and gum

Healthy gum and teeth are something that everyone desires. To enjoy a have healthy teeth and gum body, one must have healthy oral health, this is what every Wimbledon dentist says. You can enjoy good food only through healthy teeth and gums. Moreover, yellow teeth and bad odor from the mouth is not acceptable at all.


have healthy teeth and gum
have healthy teeth and gum


Let us now discuss the problems happening in the mouth area are: –

Our teeth are covered with enamel that is a hard outer coating. If you do not take care of them then a thin film of bacteria builds up on the teeth called dental plaque. These bacteria produce acids that harm the enamel causing cavities. Though brushing and flossing can prevent it up to a certain extent. Unfortunately, if a cavity starts forming only a professional dentist can fix it with a filling. 


To prevent your teeth from decaying, start using fluoride toothpaste. Suppose you are at a higher risk for tooth decay then you should use fluoride. You will understand this if you have a continuously dry mouth. In this case, a have healthy teeth and gum suggests a fluoride treatment means one needs to use a fluoride mouth rinse or a gel at home. 


Gum disease: this problem begins when plaque starts building up under or along the gum line. Plaque usually affects the gum area and the bones that hold the teeth. Gum disease generally makes the area tender, red and it also bleeds. It is also called gingivitis, so to avoid this one must floss and brush regularly. 


Periodontitis is a severe form of gum disease and a dentist intervention is necessary for its treatment. If you ignore it then this infection will lead to bleeding gums, soreness, tooth loss, and pain during the time of chewing. 


Ways to prevent gum problems by: –

o   Brush your teeth twice a day only with fluoride toothpaste

o   Floss every day

o   Visit a dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning

o   Have a balanced diet

o   Quit smoking as smoking increases the risk of gum disease


Everyone cleans their teeth but hardly anyone knows the right process to do so. Read the steps below, and follow them. They are: –

o   First and foremost, brush your teeth from all sides with a toothbrush that has soft bristles and use only fluoride toothpaste. 

o   Replace your toothbrush once every 2 to 3 months

o   Make small circular motions while brushing. Do the strokes back and forth

o   Brush slowly, gently, and carefully along the have healthy teeth and gum line

o   Clean your tongue by using a tongue scraper. Keeping your tongue clean is also important

o   Clean the area in between your teeth only with dental floss, water flosser, pre-threaded flosser, or something similar to it. This will remove the plaque and also food particles that might have got stuck there. Remember that a toothbrush cannot reach everywhere.

o   Finally, rinse your mouth with floss


People suffering from arthritis may face different kinds of problems like they may find it difficult to hold a toothbrush for long. So here are few useful tips for them as well: –

o   Purchase a battery or electric operated toothbrush

o   Purchase a toothbrush that has a larger handle

o   Try to attach a wide elastic band with the toothbrush handle to your hand


have healthy teeth and gum This can happen in any part of the mouth, tongue, or throat and at any point in your life. Generally, it happens to people who is 40 years or above. to prevent this, go for an oral check-up so that your dentist can find out if there is any problem or not. For oral cancer, pain is not a symptom. In SW19 Confidential dentists says that treatment works better before the disease starts spreading. Even if you lose all your permanent teeth, still oral cancer can happen.



One can lower the risk of getting oral cancer by: –

o   Never use any kind for tobacco products like cigars, pipes, snuff, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, and so on

o   Drink alcohol in moderation

o   Do not forget to use lip balm with sunscreen

o   Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are a new concept and scientists are yet to find out their long-term effects on our health. Still, we do know that e-cigarette vapor contains cancer-causing ingredients.



Several problems can occur in the mouth, so taking care of it will keep the teeth and gums strong. For this one should visit a Wimbledon dentist at least once a year. Unknowingly a dentist is something who looks after a human’s physical body. Dental treatment is not costly until and unless something severe takes place. So, why spend excess money at your late age when you can prevent it by taking care of your teeth and gum from your young age?


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