Cybersecurity-as-a-Service with New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023

New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023

This article is intended for the readers New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023 to provide knowledge on new AI-Powered Cybersecurity-as-a-Service. We will also adhere to concepts like what CSaaS is, its benefits, and incorporating AI into cybersecurity. Learn the essential skills required to master cybersecurity by accrediting the certification with this online Cybersecurity training course.


New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023
New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023



Networks of Vector Security®New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023 declared a strategic collaboration with Barracuda Networks, powered by XDR managed by Barracuda’s SKOUT, to improve client security and develop their CSaaS practice.


For over 17 years, Networks of Vector Security has provided services of the managed networks to thousands of enterprises, assisting them in streamlining, supporting, or augmenting their IT resources in order to achieve success. This new partnership paves the way for the development of threat New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023 detection in cloud technologies that incorporate machine learning and AI. The improved solution focuses largely on two aspects of cybersecurity: compliance and ransomware.


David Fisher, the Vector Security Network’s division president said, “Many businesses rely on us to deliver comprehensive managed and security services across their entire operations, irrespective of size”. “We would be able to complement our usual sets of physical security solutions and managed New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023 services with a trusted and proven cybersecurity offering by partnering with Barracuda and utilizing their Managed XDR product”.


Barracuda’s Aidan Kehoe, MSP, SVP Managed XDR, said, “Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to securing medium and small-sized enterprises. Every business must be capable of protecting itself against cybercrime”. “We’re excited to join with Networks of Vector Security to help secure more employees and businesses against cybercrime”. New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023


The additional services, according to Networks of Vector Security, are a crucial element of their future offers, allowing them to focus more on client experiences with a combined managed cybersecurity and IT strategy. Visit Vector Security Networks’ website for additional information on their cybersecurity services.

What exactly is CSaaS? New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023

Cyber Security as a Service is cybersecurity management that is outsourced rather than handled in-house, where you may have limited expertise and resources. Many businesses struggle to find the right employees to manage cyber security since it is both a critical component of running a successful business and a highly specialized profession.


Our CSaaS provides you with complete peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your organization. We have decades of expertise dealing with and protecting some of the country’s most vital institutions and organizations, such as law firms, banks, and government agencies. Our knowledge extends beyond highly regulated and governed New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023 industries to verticals that rely on speed and manage huge supply chains, such as retail, manufacturing, property, construction, and many more. We ensure that our clients are protected by reducing their cyber security threats and delivering complete peace of mind and resilience.

Advantages of CSaaS:

  1. There are three distinct tiers of service to suit the size and needs of your company.

  2. Service paradigm of the pay-as-you-go. There are no upfront capital costs.

  3. A package that can be tailored to meet specific priorities and changing business requirements.

  4. Utilize our professional teams of cyber security specialists to free up in-house resources.

  5. Avoid the high costs of hiring full-time cyber security professionals and show better results on your cyber investment.

  6. Increase the resilience of critical security functions to boost company performance.

  7. Protect the value of your shareholder, reputation, and assets.

  8. Get comprehensive and accurate reports.

Incorporating AI into cybersecurity

AI is well-suited to solving some of the world’s most complex challenges, and cybersecurity is undoubtedly one of them. Machine learning and AI can be used to “keep up with the bad guys” in today’s ever-changing cyber-attacks and proliferation of gadgets, automating threat detection and responding more efficiently than traditional software-driven ways.


On the other hand, cybersecurity has some specific challenges:

  • An attack surface that is vast.

  • Per organization, there could be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of devices.

  • There are hundreds of attack vectors.

  • There is substantial inadequacy of qualified security personnel.

  • Massive amounts of data have grown beyond the scope of human concern.

Many of these problems should be addressed by self-learning, a cybersecurity posture management system based on artificial intelligence. There are technologies available to correctly train a self-learning system to acquire data from across your company information systems in a continual and autonomous manner. After that, the data is evaluated and used to perform pattern correlation across millions to billions of signals relevant to the corporate attack surface. New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023


As a result, new levels of intelligence are being sent to human teams in a variety of cybersecurity categories, including:

  • Inventory of IT Assets – obtaining a complete and accurate list of all devices, users, and apps having access to information systems. In inventory, categorization and business criticality measurement play significant roles.

  • Threat ExposureHackers, like everyone else, follow trends, thus what’s fashionable among them changes on a frequent basis. AI-based cybersecurity solutions can provide up-to-date knowledge of global and industry-specific risks, allowing you to prioritize threats based not only on what could be used to attack your company but also on what is most likely to be used to attack your company.

  • Controls EffectivenessTo maintain a solid security posture, it’s critical to understand the impact of the various security technologies and processes you’ve implemented. AI can assist you to figure out where your information security program excels and where it falls short. 

  • Breach Risk Prediction AI-based solutions can anticipate how and where you are most likely to be compromised based on IT asset inventory, threat exposure, and control efficacy, allowing you to allocate resources and tools to areas of weakness. Prescriptive insights gained from AI analysis can assist you in configuring and improving policies and processes to improve your organization’s cyber resilience the most effectively.

  • Incident response AI-powered systems can give better context for prioritizing and responding to security alerts, for quick incident response, and for surfacing root causes in order to reduce vulnerabilities and prevent future problems.

  • Explainability New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023

  • Explainability of analysis and recommendations is crucial when using AI to supplement human information security teams. This is critical for gaining buy-in from stakeholders across the company, understanding the impact of various information security programs, and reporting pertinent data to all stakeholders, including end-users, security operations, the CISO, auditors, the CIO, CEO, and board of directors.

Conclusion: New AI Powered Solution Introduced 2023

We have now comprehended how CSaaS with AI-powered solutions assists the business and the market in improving cybersecurity essentials. We also have learned and understood CSaaS and its various benefits including incorporating AI into cybersecurity with various categories like asset inventory, threat exposure, incident response, etc.



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