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In the digital age, sandisk 2tb ssd we have more tools and technologies to record the stories and excitement in life. Whether it is a lens used to record moments, storage hardware for long-term storage of memories, or computer equipment that helps us organize and perfect materials, they are all hard-core equipment for modern people to enjoy the beautiful times.

Today, we will focus on storage products that can store memories for a long time.

According to application scenarios, storage products can be roughly divided into hard disks loaded in computers, mobile hard disks that take into account portability and performance, and USB flash drives that focus on travel and slim.

With the changes in mobile and digitalization and the evolution of storage technology, whether it is conventional hard drives, or trendy mobile hard drives and USB flash drives, they are gradually transforming to miniaturization, mobility, and high performance.

sandisk 2tb ssd
sandisk 2tb ssd

In this wave of changes in the storage ecology, the SanDisk brand, which has been deeply involved in the storage industry for many years, has launched many industry-leading brands in multiple categories, relying on multi-level innovation and research and development in flash memory particles, main control chips, and original factory tuning. Explosive products, at the same time, once again established its leading position in the storage industry.


SanDisk mobile solid state drive series meet different performance needs


In the mobile hard disk industry, SanDisk took the lead in launching a new series of mobile solid-state hard disks based on flash media. Under this series, SanDisk continues to enrich and extend its product line based on the different performance requirements of users. Let’s look at them one by one.

SanDisk Extreme Ultra Fast Mobile Solid State sandisk 2tb ssd


The first is the SanDisk Extreme Ultra Fast Mobile Gutian Hard Disk Pri version. From the naming, you can see the top positioning of this product. A series of terms such as “Supreme Ultra Fast” and “Pro” all demonstrate the specifications and specifications of this mobile sandisk 2tb ssd. Decent performance.

SanDisk Extreme Ultra Fast Mobile SSD Pro is a mobile SSD product positioned at the top flagship. Its biggest feature is its outstanding flagship performance. According to official data, the maximum continuous read performance of the E81 can reach 2000MB/ s, and the maximum continuous write performance can be as high as 2000MB/s, which is almost the strongest mobile solid state drive on the market.


Behind its extreme performance, it mainly comes from the original material of the product and the leading protocol interface. In terms of material, E81 uses SanDisk’s self-developed flash memory particles and main control chip, which guarantees the basis of product performance; in terms of protocol, E81 uses a new NVMe interface and supports USB3.2 Gen2 x2 transmission protocol, which is high Performance provides bandwidth support.

Of course, in addition to performance, E81 also has the three protection functions of SanDisk products such as IP55 waterproof and dustproof, shock and compression resistance. Of course, in terms of security, it also supports 128-bit AES encryption mechanism and good after-sales features. It is a suitable one. Hardcore equipment used by professional photographers who pursue extreme performance.

SanDisk Extreme Extremely Fast Mobile Solid State Drive Premium Edition (E61)

Secondly, it is the SanDisk Extreme Extreme Mobile SSD Superior Edition, which represents the needs of high-end photography user groups. From “super speed” to “extreme speed”, from “Pro” to “excellent”, you can see that E81 and E61 are positioning and The difference in performance. . Show now with AO discount code and AO discount code NHS at AO Voucher Code NHS


SanDisk E61 Extreme Extreme Edition

Unlike E81, which is positioned as a top professional photographer, E61 is more focused on providing faster and stronger storage equipment for high-end photographer enthusiasts.

E61 is also a mobile solid-state product that uses SanDisk’s original particles, original master control, and fine calibration. Its performance is also quite out of the circle. According to the author’s test and official data, the maximum continuous read performance of E61 can reach 1050MB/s, and the maximum continuous write performance can reach 1000MB/s, which is almost the performance of conventional mobile solid state drives on the market. More than 2 times, it can solve the daily load of various mobile storage users and meet the needs of users in all aspects.

Similarly, E61 supports the new NVMe transmission protocol, and through the included data interface, it can be compatible with mainstream systems including windows, Mac OS, and android. It is widely used on personal PCs, notebooks, tablet devices and even mobile phones. To view and use, it is convenient for a variety of complex and changeable applications.

As for waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, and 128-bit AES encryption is also an indispensable standard configuration, its existence can make users more at ease to use, can be described as an excellent companion for high-end photographer friends.

SanDisk Mobile Solid State Drive (E30)

Finally, it is a SanDisk mobile solid state drive targeted at entry-level photography enthusiasts. As a popular mobile solid-state drive product, E30 still maintains SanDisk’s consistent high specifications in terms of performance and product technology.

In terms of performance, the maximum continuous read performance of the E30 has reached 520MB/s. Compared with the traditional mobile mechanical hard disks of the previous era, this performance can be described as a dimensional reduction. It is especially suitable for handheld mobile mechanical hard disks and ready to upgrade photography. Lovers.



SanDisk Mobile Solid State Drive (E30)


In addition to performance, in terms of product technology, there is no doubt that it is still SanDisk’s original flash memory particles and main control chip; it supports USB3.2 interface, and through the included data interface, it is perfectly compatible with multi-system and multi-platform storage. need.


Of course, E30 is also supported in terms of shockproof, drop-proof, after-sales warranty and other aspects. Photographers who need to go outdoors to shoot vlogs or photos can take it and go out easily. SanDisk quality is trustworthy.


In addition, based on different positioning and performance differences, E81/E61/E30 also have a clear distinction in price.

Of course, as the 618 promotion approaches, whether it is E81, E61 or E30, there will be a wave of discounted benefits. Friends who want to start mobile SSD products in the near future can pay attention to a wave of SanDisk Jingdong official flagship store. , Wait until a good price before starting.


02 SanDisk Extreme Extreme Speed ​​USB3.2 Flash Drive (CZ810) Continuation of the classic


After talking about mobile solid state drives, let’s take a look at USB flash drives. Compared with mobile solid-state hard drives, USB flash drives are SanDisk’s old business, and SanDisk has been deeply involved in the storage field for many years.

When talking about SanDisk USB flash drives, friends who are familiar with it should know that SanDisk’s products have the ultimate performance in performance. In that era when the storage industry grew savagely, the appearance of SanDisk Extreme USB 3.2 flash drives almost exceeded the performance of most USB flash drives on the market.


SanDisk Extreme USB 3.2 Flash Drive (CZ810)

SanDisk CZ810 continues the excellent performance tradition of SanDisk, and it is still amazing in performance. According to official data, the maximum continuous read performance of CZ810 exceeds 400MB/S, and the maximum continuous write performance exceeds 100MB/S. Such performance can even surpass the performance of some desktop SSDs.


In addition to performance, SanDisk CZ810 also has many explorations in terms of compatibility, safety and portability.

CZ810 adopts USB3.2 interface, which can be widely compatible with personal PC, Mac and other mainstream computer equipment; at the same time, it has a built-in 128-bit AES encryption mechanism, which can protect the data security in the USB disk no matter when and where; finally, it also uses excellent The metal design, the surface is covered with a pull ring, which is convenient for users to carry around and work flexibly.Save with Amazon NHS Discount CodeandAmazon NHS Promo Codeat


SanDisk Extreme Speed ​​USB 3.2 Flash Drive Price

At present, this SanDisk Extreme Ultra-Speed ​​USB 3.2 flash drive is on sale in the SanDisk Jingdong flagship store. The 64GB version I currently see is priced at only 119 yuan. When converted, 1GB is less than one yuan, which is very worth starting.


·         SanDisk CZ810 (64GB)

·         SanDisk Extreme Speed ​​USB 3.2 Flash Drive (64GB)



03 SanDisk HuanxianiShare (Zhenxiang Edition) Mobile Flash Disk for Fruit Fans


Mobile USB can be said to be another revolutionary series after SanDisk’s CZ series. In fact, with the continuous doubling of the volume of audio and video files, the native storage capacity of mobile phones is extremely useless. In view of this, SanDisk has launched the SanDisk HuanxiniShare (Enjoy Edition) mobile phone flash drive, which is a two-in-one flash drive that can be used with iPhone and Type-C™ devices (including Android phones)


SanDisk mobile phone flash drive


SanDisk HuanxiniShare (Zhenxiang Edition) mobile phone flash drive adopts dual interface design, one end can support Apple’s dedicated lighting interface, which is used for expansion of Apple devices, such as iPhone or iPad, and the other end is the industry The mainstream Tpye-C interface can be applied to other devices such as personal PCs and Android phones. The dual interface design allows HuanxiniShare(Zhenxiang Edition) mobile phone flash drives to facilitate data transfer between mobile devices and terminal devices. , A perfect solution to the current pain point of mobile phone storage.

In addition, the SanDisk HuanxiniShare (Zhenxiang Edition) mobile phone flash drive also adopts a convenient and trendy clamshell design. While stylish and portable, it can also avoid direct contact with the air and other objects by the double-ended interface, resulting in interface contacts. Failure, which in turn leads to the failure of the flash drive.


Security guard


Of course, as a data storage, security is also essential. SanDisk has developed the iXpand Drive application for this purpose. Users can use this software to provide password protection for file data on IOS devices and computers, as well as automatic backups, etc. A series of safety measures.

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At present, this flash drive designed for mobile phone expansion is also popular in SanDisk Jingdong flagship store. The flash purchase price of the 256GB version is only 549 yuan, which is a drop of nearly 100 yuan compared to the original price of 639 yuan. If there is mobile phone storage For friends who need expansion, whether it is Android or Apple, the flash drive of SanDisk Huanxian (Exclusive Edition) mobile phone is definitely a must-have artifact that you can’t refuse.

From mobile solid state drives, to flash drives, to Apple USB flash drives, all SanDisk mobile storage products, with their ultimate performance and high-quality after-sales service, will surely become a hard nuclear weapon that records a moment of excitement and stunning digital life.


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