The top 10 technological articles published in 2023

technological articles

Here are some of the most popular technological articles from the previous year, as chosen by our readers.

As we bid farewell to the year 2020, we take a look back at some of the most popular articles from the previous year.

Our year’s most fascinating and relevant subjects are covered in our top ten readings, including the workplace of the future, how COVID-19 is driving digital transformation, the far-reaching effect of supercomputing on our lives, and more. technological articles

technological articles
technological articles




No. 1: During a pandemic and beyond, the basics of security incident response must be understood.

In this year’s most popular technological articles, you may learn about the continuing fight between businesses and hackers.

No. 2: Describe how COVID-19 is speeding the transition to hybrid cloud computing.

Businesses are ramping up their efforts to change themselves digitally. The experts agree on the most important aspects of the procedure.


No. 3: Six ways in which the world’s fastest computers have altered your way of thinking

Do you like your car? Do you like movies? Are you satisfied with your doctor and your bank? You owe a debt of gratitude to a supercomputer.


No. 4 is the most important. Zero trust ensures that business operations are safe by default.

As more businesses use hybrid IT, they are discovering that traditional identity and access management systems are unable to keep up.

No. 5: Home IT security is difficult, but not impossible to achieve.

You will almost certainly be unable to offer the same level of protection for employees working from home as you do for those in your office, but you can get close. Here are a few suggestions.

No. 6: The Doppler Report: Accelerating the Future

In this study, we look at everything you need to know to make your digital transformation a success, from workforce tactics to ways to keep your technology safe.


No. 7: Eight stages to realizing the goal of “cloud everywhere.”

You might call it A Tale of Two Clouds if you were to imagine the ideal novel to explain the state of information technology companies today. Listed below are eight actions that businesses may take to address immediate problems and get started on the road to implementing cloud-everywhere systems. technological articles


8: Rick Stevens of Argonne National Laboratory answers your questions in the eighth instalment of the Q&A series.

As supercomputers grow more powerful, researchers will be better equipped to handle some of the world’s most difficult issues. ARL’s Rick Stevens speaks about ‘the largest, baddest’ computer in the world, which he describes as “the biggest, baldest.”


No. 9: There are nine guidelines for password policies, and here’s what you need to know.

Complexity, originality, and periodic modification have long been considered the best practices for passwords, but recent suggestions have prompted policy shifts in the area of password protection.


No. 10: is the tenth position. What exactly has changed in the Linux kernel?

Even after all these years, the Linux kernel’s core engineers continue to innovate. The new versions will be quicker and more stable than the old ones.technological articles


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